USA Road Trip Day 4: San Francisco from a Second Grader

In honor of the Fourth tomorrow, I’m blogging this week on some different, iconic American locations as best as I can, and today I’m trying something a bit different.

My sister and I went out to brunch at The Barn not too long ago and reminisced on some family vacations. This included the time we went to a Wild West restaurant in Vancouver when I was four and a cowgirl waitress made me cry because she said there was no smiling allowed, which was my most vivid memory from that entire vacation. While I’m bummed that I only really remember this instance from Vancouver, at least I remember something! In a similar vein, my family and I went to San Francisco when I was in second grade. I’ve wanted to revisit for some time now that I’m older, but only have a few memories. Although getting there was a hassle (we had a hectic layover in Cleveland and then got to San Francisco well past midnight), it was still a great trip to my knowledge. Now, this post isn’t intended to be a helpful travel guide by any means, but bear with me.

Trust me, it was a lot more comfortable than I make it look in this picture

Cable Cars–Riding a cable car down the hills of San Francisco is one of my clearest memories from our visit there. It’s a touristy thing to do, but they’re still cool (and they make it on the introduction sequence of Full House, so why would you miss a ride on one of them?) During the ride, we passed by this building with a mural with different Pokemon on it, and I read a sign which said “Powell Glitto,” so I was insistent that we find that store. Once we got off the cable car, we began the hike back uphill to return to our hotel and stopped by the store which I had spotted during the ride. It turns out that in reality the store was called Powell Gifts. Inside they had so much Pokemon stuff, and I managed to find a coveted Charizard card there. I was so excited that I put it in my pocket and left it there when we went to the beach later that day…let’s just say it ended in a less than ideal way.

Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghiradelli Square–We spent a lot of time passing through Fisherman’s Wharf as our hotel was nearby, and, looking back, a lot of the places I remember from this area are just chains that I’d never heard of before (like Pier 1 Imports and Ghiradelli). If my memory’s not failing me, there were some free samples at Ghiradelli Square as well as some good street performers.

Eating ice cream…as always
Eating ice cream…as always

Lombard Street–The windiest street in America, Lombard Street promises a slow drive and not really much else except the ability to say that you drove down it. There are a lot of flowers, so it is pretty, though.

Muir Woods–We took a day trip to Muir Woods one day to see the massive redwoods, and these were pretty cool, and it was a good break to take a little drive outside of the city. photo-36

photo-35Sausalito–After returning from San Francisco, I got confused when I was talking to my friend’s dad who said that I had awful grammar as I said, “I went to Sausalito,” while I should’ve been saying, “I went to Seesaulito.” The joke flew over my head until much later (read: now). I can’t recall much about this town across the bay, except that we took the Golden Gate Bridge to get there. Being an avid Full House fan when I was younger, I was stoked to ride on this bridge, and couldn’t help but look up as we drove across to take as much of it in as I could. The bridge is truly pretty, and I recommend visiting or driving on this San Francisco icon if you’re in town.

I don't think my travel advice back then would cut it, but then again blogs didn't even exist yet ;)
I don’t think my travel advice back then would cut it, but then again blogs didn’t even exist yet 😉

I know the advice I give here isn’t that specific or necessarily helpful, but it’s fun to reflect on this trip more years later than I’d care to admit, and as I continued to write about it I remembered more and more things.

Are there any trips you remember in particular from when you were younger and have a few, specific memories of?

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