Tea Time in Taipei

After our last day in Singapore, Marina and I headed back to Taipei while Lynn spent one more day at home. Between the travel and check-in to our Airbnb in the late afternoon, we were both looking for something relaxing to do but still something unique to Taiwan. I was feeling great for the first time in days, and with famous Taiwanese bubble tea from Le Phare, we made a plan. Thanks to a good friend back home, I learned about Wistaria Tea House, and it was the perfect solution.

We got off the subway and walked through Da’an Forest Park where people had picnics, threw frisbees, and practiced tai chi. On the road were cool coffee shops and cafes and soon we found Wistaria, a shop covered in foliage that invites you in to drink some tea and unwind.

The staff here was really informative and friendly. They helped us decide on which teas to try and taught us how to make and enjoy tea as each time you brew it, the taste develops and changes. We picked one tea that’s “best enjoyed with an old friend” and another which they recommended and paired them with some mung bean cakes and pineapple buns. Time flew by there as we relaxed and enjoyed the chance to slow down again. People around us ate some snacks and enjoyed a mid-afternoon rest. It was a bit of an unexpected splurge, but after being way under budget in Singapore and for the different experience, we were both happy to have visited.

For dinner, we revisited Raohe Night Market and picked up some food, both old favorites, and new ones we had yet to try (like amazing beef cubes).

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