Bradbury Mountain: Then and (Not Really) Now

At some point during my time in Japan, I got into hiking. I think it stemmed from a desire to climb Mt. Fuji while I still lived there, and it never really amounted to anything when I was there except for some hiking at Mt. Misen. When I came back to Maine, I had big plans: to climb Mt. Katahdin, Tumbledown, Mt. Washington. My plans amounted to an easy hike, a trial run, at Bradbury Mountain near Freeport. I went once in September, on a warm day. When Natalie and I got to the top, we knew it was a great place to go back to in the fall with the trees in orange and red.

So I went back in fall when my sister Emma came up from Massachusetts for a weekend visit. We did a similar hike, and the view at the top was even better. The park was much more crowded because a lot of people had the same idea. Bradbury Mountain has a couple different trails to check out. Some are steeper than others, but they’re all fairly easy, and it’s a quick drive from Portland as well.

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