The travel bug can be an all-consuming vacuum, pulling you away from where you are and into the appeal of another place. Travel can also be expensive between transportation, lodging, food, and other unexpected expenses. While foreign locations offer new experiences, there’s no reason not to explore places nearby.

Having lived in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Maine, I’ve had ample time to explore these areas. Time spent in Bologna, Italy studying abroad was an incredible opportunity to familiarize myself with one particular city while getting to a number of other cities and countries. Currently, I’m living in Takikawa in Hokkaido, Japan while working on the JET Program, so check back to learn about living, working, and traveling in Japan.

I hope, through my adventures in these places, to share useful information for visitors or residents looking for something to do. In addition to my own writing, I’ve also featured some guest bloggers from other cities (from Berlin to London to Midcoast Maine) who can give their first-hand scoop on their town.

I’d be glad to write guest posts on other blogs or help out with any other travel questions you may have. I’ve written a guest post on Coffee and Lipstick, a blog about art and mix tapes, as well as one on Diverting Journeys, the best place to read about house museums and quirky spots to visit. Feel free to contact me at misadventureswithmichael@gmail.com. Also, to keep up with places I’m visiting and what I’m reading check in with my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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  1. Hey! so I was thinking it might be cool if we both helped promote each others pages. I added the “text” widget to my site and included your site name and url. Im thinking if we both do this people can be lead to both our sites by simply visiting one. Let me know what you think!

  2. Michael, I see you’ve not visited Alabama yet. Come on down – you’ll experience one of the friendliest places around. And some of the best vittles you’ve ever eaten!! By the way, your blog is beautiful!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Marie! I’m hoping to do a southern road trip one day and would have to get down there. Are there any places that you like in particular and think someone should see on their first visit there?

      1. Yes, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center is a must. And if you like to hike visit Bankhead National Forest. It’s beautiful, lots of waterfalls and caves and rock formations. Big Bob Gibson’s in Decatur is one of the best places to eat barbecue. They’ve won numerous awards and are regularly featured on the TV show Pitmasters. In Florence, AL is Helen Keller’s birthplace, Ivy Green. And that’s just a few of the places you should see. Happy travels!

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