Located in Hokkaido’s Sorachi region, Takikawa is famous for its gliders, canola fields, and jingisukan. Though the city is small and at times looks like an abandoned city from the 1920s, there are still plenty of good restaurants and beautiful parks worth visiting.


  1. Ishii–good yakiniku restaurant on Sanrakugai
  2. Matsuo–jingisukan: has all you can eat/drink options, but also can be fairly cheap if you just order a la carte.
  3. Soto–a small but great restaurant with a relaxed, upscale vibe and economical set lunch menu
  4. Peaberry (ピーベリー)–a really good coffee shop in Takikawa with freshly brewed coffee and beans roasted in store
  5. Tatsumi Taiyaki–a small shop that sells just taiyaki for only 100 yen. Really nice! In spring, they sell a sakura taiyaki
  6. La Pecora–a good Italian restaurant in town with great pasta amatriciana. Their pizza is good but expensive
  7. Uobei Sushi–a cheap kaiten sushi restaurant
  8. Aji no nakata
  9. Yamamoto Sushi–okay, nothing particularly special
  10. Michi no eki (Ebeotsu)–this rest stop in Ebeotsu serves Takikawa’s apple flavored soft cream. It’s worth taking the bus or train into Ebeotsu to walk around and try it.
  11. Victoria–a steak/grill restaurant with a good “Viking” deal (you can pay a little more and have access to the salad bar, rice, and curry)
  12. Gusto–another Western family-style restaurant
  13. Toppi–another kaiten sushi restaurant. A step above Uobei
  14. Panettone–a cute bakery in Nishimachi with cheap bread
  15. CoCoIchi–good curry joint
  16. Avi’s Kitchen–a really good Israeli restaurant where you can get your kebab fix. In winter, they cook Italian
  17. Gourmet Factory–yakinku, they have a wide selection of not bad food
  18. Saruta 2–a good bakery
  19. Takadaya–pork chop restaurant on Bell Road
  20. Bikkuri Donkey–maybe the equivalent to a Japanese Uno or Friendly’s (come for the parfaits)
  21. Marukame (丸亀製麺)–Udon/tenpura shop in town
  22. Nepal Curry–good curry and massive pieces of naan
  23. Namaste–good Nepali curry restaurant
  24. Dragon Kitchen–Chinese restaurant
  25. Lemon–a good cafe in Nishimachi with nice katsu curry
  26. Kirayaku–a small restaurant good for lunch and with nice, sweet omurice
  27. Gyoza no osho–a shop with gyoza and fried rice. Fun to order a bunch of things and eat family style
  28. Taimu–a decent taiyaki shop near city hall
  29. スープカリー奥芝商店 (Shintotsukawa)–a really good soup curry restaurant in Shintotsukawa
  30. Iwase Farms (Sunagawa)–good gelato on a cute farm
  31. Shiro (Sunagawa)–modern cafe with good lattes and pastries
  32. Cafe Mederu (Sunagawa)–good cafe with a scone set but the owner is very awkward
  33. Nakaya (Sunagawa)–a famous bakery in Sunagawa known for their delicious apple pies. They sell out fast and people line up for them
  34. Hanaichi (Iwamizawa)–it’s a bit of a trek to get down here, but the sushi is definitely worth it if you’re in the area.


  1. Sky Park
  2. Sky Museum
  3. Hardoff–a recycle store chain throughout Japan, but the Bookoff section has a good selection of cheap manga and Japanese novels
  4. Second Street–another recycle shop but with a smaller selection that Hardoff.
  5. Dinosaur Park
  6. Maruka Kogen (Ebeotsu)–the highlands of Takikawa. Great views of the fields from above
  7. Clutch–climbing gym meets coffee roaster
  8. Sochidake (Shintotsukawa)–a small ski hill good for a quick ski
  9. Kamoidake (Utashinai)–a bigger hill close by
  10. Kamui Links (Asahikawa)–the biggest mountain in the area. Great powder and trails
  11. Ashibetsu Ski Hill (Ashibetsu)–a small hill that’s cool for its Buddha, but it will close this year
  12. Mt. Racey (Yubari)–a bigger ski mountain but not as nice as Kamui
  13. Fureai no Sato–the onsen in Takikawa. If you go frequently, get the stamp card. Not a great view from the rotenburo but still nice
  14. Ebeotsu Onsen–a small onsen in Ebeotsu with an electric bath
  15. Yuttari Onsen (Akabira)–a short drive away in Akabira, but a really calm and scenic onsen (and cheap)
  16. Fukagawa Maabu (Fukagawa)–a good place to check out after skiing at Kamui in Asahikawa. Pretty rotenburo but there are irritating, tacky Christmas lights in the shape of a chicken
  17. Shintotsukawa Onsen (Shintotsukawa)–fancy onsen but no rotenburo
  18. Starlight Hotel Onsen (Ashibetsu)–small onsen with sulfur baths and beautiful rotenburo
  19. Pipa Onsen (Bibai)–one of the best onsen in the area with two big rotenburo.


  1. Maipeisu–classic Takikawa hangout with imported beers
  2. Utaya–karaoke, fair price for nomihoudai (all-you-can-drink)
  3. E-Style–karaoke on Sanrakugai
  4. Densuke–good izakaya in Honmachi
  5. Hoozuki
  6. Je T’aime–snack bar, pricey
  7. Home (Sunagawa)–One Piece themed bar
  8. Sabot (Sunagawa)–funky bar with pool and retro video games
  9. Try (Sunagawa)–late night ramen shop. The owner might tell you your future


  1. Sapporo
  2. Asahikawa
  3. Hokuryu–Himawari
  4. Furano–go skiing (and get coffee from Rojo and go to the Lavender House onsen)
  5. Biei
  6. Numata–Youtaka Andon Matsuri
  7. Utashinai–ski at Kamoidake
  8. Sunagawa–explore Sweet Road


  1. Winter Festival (February)
  2. Lantern Festival(February)
  3. Canola Festival (May-June)
  4. Air Show (July)
  5. Craft Beer Festival (early August)–a small celebration of food and “local” beer
  6. Bon Odori (mid August)
  7. Shrine Festival (around August 22-24)

Practical Things:

  1. Buzz–near city hall, a good place to get a haircut
  2. Sante–the gym in town. It’s a little on the expensive side, but that includes classes

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