Hokkaido’s capital city and the fifth biggest city in Japan, Sapporo offers a lot for visitors who like Japanese food, cities, and culture but on a smaller and more manageable scale than Tokyo. Most famous worldwide for the Sapporo Brewery, the city has a lot of other great restaurants and places worth visiting.


  1. Daisy’s–my favorite restaurant so far. Western food like mac and cheese balls, salad, and good coffee. More expensive but a treat. Near Maruyama Park
  2. Sapporo Beer Garden–located at the Sapporo Brewery. It can get expensive and the menu is confusing but they have all you can eat jingisukan and all you can drink Sapporo beer
  3. Sombrero Mexicano–a decent Mexican restaurant in the JR Station
  4. Mingus Coffee
  5. Mos Burger–yes, a chain that’s all over Japan, but not bad for a fast lunch
  6. CocoIchi–yes, also a Japanese chain, but this Japanese curry restaurant delivers on all fronts
  7. Gelato Chips
  8. Mu no shison Sapporo mise(ムの子孫札幌店)–an okonomiyaki restaurant with all-you-can-eat and -drink deals
  9. Atelier Morihico–a good coffee shop, but kind of out of the way and also really expensive
  10. Ueshima Coffee–a reasonably priced coffee shop in Sapporo Station that has good iced drinks: try the brown sugar iced coffee
  11. Baristart–a cool coffee shop that can actually make espresso!
  12. Keyaki (けやき 本店) –a good ramen shop hidden in Susukino
  13. Siam Thai–Thai restaurant near Odori
  14. Ippin–a great pork bowl restaurant in JR Station
  15. Streamer Coffee–expensive Tokyo coffee makes its way to the Sapporo JR Station
  16. Horyu–Sapporo style ramen
  17. Rikyu–Sendai style restaurant serving tongue
  18. Cafe Croissant–a cafe in the station with really good soft cream affogatti
  19. Babbi (Marumiai Department Store)–pistachio soft cream in a coffee cone
  20. Benbenya (Marumiai Department Store)–good sweet shop


  1. Sapporo TV Tower
  2. Hokkaido Shrine
  3. Maruyama Park
  4. Odori Park
  5. Loft–a good shop for essentials in the JR Station,  a chain
  6. Uniqlo–not special to Sapporo, but there’s one in Susukino and one in the JR Station
  7. Don Quijote–also not unique to Sapporo, but in Susukino
  8. Animate–shop for otaku anime stuff
  9. Kinokuniya–bookstore
  10. Caldi Coffee Farm–in the basement of the JR Station, a good imported food store with a good selection of coffee and pasta
  11. Nakajima Park
  12. Sapporo Beer Museum
  13. Hokkaido Shiki Theater–a theater where you can catch different shows, including their Disney musical every year
  14. Sapporo Dome–for a Fighters game


  1. Susukino
  2. Karaoke Mush
  3. Beer Inn–near Nakajima Koen. Wide selection of imported beers in a cozy hangout


  1. Otaru


  1. Summer Beer Festival
  2. Bon Odori
  3. German Christmas Market and Winter Illuminations
  4. Snow Festival
  5. Lilac Festival

Getting around:

On the weekend, buy a Donichika, a pass for unlimited subway rides around the city. Though Sapporo is by and large walkable, a lot of places that are fun to visit are a comfortable and quick subway ride away.

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